Facility & Tools

Hacklab is a 2400 SF community space designed to host meetings, classes, workshops and events, and to share tools, technologies, talent, and expertise to enable technologists, designers, artists, tinkerers, hobbyists, and professionals of all ages to turn their creative ideas into finished products.

Hacklab’s equipment is primarily focused on electronics; micro-processing; rapid prototyping (CAD/3D printing/CNC laser); robotics; and woodworking.

Hacklab has:

  • Four (4) soldering stations
  • Two (2) Raspberry Pi/Arduino stations
  • One (1) CAD station

Dedicated space for building and operating both land-based and aerial robots (UAVs/drones)

Dedicated woodworking space equipped with: Makita miter saw; DeWalt table saw; Delta scroll saw; Skilsaw circular saw; Mastergrip router table; Craftsman industrial rated grinder; and Central Machinery 5 speed bench drill press.

Our rapid prototyping space is equipped with the following:


Hacklab’s new X-Carve from Inventables is a 3D carver built from an open source kit and is our newest tool for milling plastics, woods, and metals. Carving circuit boards or skateboards? The 1000mm rails on Hacklab’s X-Carve give us 800mm x 800mm (31" x 31") to work with — enough for a full-size longboard.


Another new addition to the Hacklab is this vinyl cutter graciously donated by one of our members. We just set it up and have been having fun testing it out. Stay tuned for some 2016 classes and projects using this new machine.


The Argentum printer is a new type of rapid prototyping machine designed for the sole purpose of generating printed circuit boards at the click of a button. The Argentum works by layering Silver nano-particles through an inkjet process onto almost any substrate you could imagine. This allows you to go from a circuit board design to reflow solderable PCB in a matter of minutes and without all the overhead costs of low production runs.


The Printr Bot Jr (v.2) prints designs quickly, with speeds from 80-100 mm per second, producing high quality models in a short period of time. Resolution is usually 0.1 mm or about the thickness of a piece of cardstock paper. It prints items up to 6 x 6 x 6 inches. There's one print head, and multicolored prints are not supported.


The Ultimaker Original+ can print files up to 21 x 21 x 20.5 cm. at a maximum resolution of 20 microns.  It’s equipped with a heated glass bed for better adhesion and smoother prints; has an improved Z-stage for stability; new electronics for reliable temperature control; and a new fancap for safety. Its biggest strength is its upgradeability through modding. 


The SoLo Desktop 35 Watt Laser Engraving Machine is equipped with a 3-Axis controller card that supports Mach3 and KCam enabling the machine to cut by running G-Code or NC format files. It's a customized model, with a few neat features such as a blue led digital current indicator, home switches, universal 12V water pump and fan, an emergency stop, and a 10A power supply. You must be familiar with Mach3 and G-Code (or NC) file in order to use this machine. This machine cuts wood, acrylic, plastic, proxy glass (2.5mm), leathers, bamboo. It engraves paper, wood, acrylic, glass, plastic, leathers, bamboo, and anodized aluminum. It does not cut or engrave metal. It has a working area of 20 cm x30 cm (8" x 12"), 0.1mm precision, and speed of 10mm/s (cutting) and 100mm/s (engraving).