Board of Directors

Scott Conley is a vocal leader and face of the Hacklab, often first to recruit new support or to draw attention to the facility and its projects. A veteran software professional by trade and with a long personal history of robotics, electronics and programming, he has a sincere affection for (and some genuine insight into) the deep-rooted creative passion found at the heart of strong engineering communities. Raised by a single-parent engineer, Scott’s earliest hacks involved wiring 9V batteries into various 1.5V toys and exploring the colorful tensile boundaries of Tinkertoys. He grew up with Lego, TSR, Tandy, HP, Commodore and CompuServe. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida, and married a university professor from Texas. To this day, he is instantly inspired whenever he encounters that unique, melting-insulation-and-ozone smell. As he has two very young children, this is perhaps terribly fortunate.


David Vollbracht loves to create in any medium; whether digital, abstract, or just sand on the beach. He creates a variety of software for Flipstone Technology, but comes to the Hacklab to bridge the digital and physical realms with 3D printing and robotics. Away from the lab, he loves storytelling games, board games, Japanese, and playing with his family. David lives in Boynton Beach with his wife and two children, who bring him joy every day.


Mike Greenberg is a South Florida native who has been catalyzing the maker community by creating engaging and curiosity-inspiring events for the past five years. When he's not building cardboard castles with his kids or scheming on Hacklab's latest project, he is almost certainly helping makers across Florida connect and make awesome things happen in their local community. This includes helping to produce the Miami Mini Maker Faire, volunteering for local Maker Camps and CoderDojos, participating in other Maker Faires in Florida and organizing a nonprofit grassroots organization which supports the statewide Maker Movement. Mike also creates technology out of thin air, likes avocados, and longs for the days of shop class.